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normally i hate that im good at programming and shit at everything else but yknow what im good at programming fock u

i dont think i posted this but
Two Legendaries One Box

so my little test extension does something and i have a little build system
now i just need to actually render the heif :]

okay ngl the virtual machine stuff is REALLY appealing now but where is my spare gpu

well my head hurts and im mildly frustrated but i have a prototype
but now its way too late and i dont have time to take a break

currently learning how to write webextensions :]

i dont know if the windows codec thing will actually fix browser implementation so what if i wrote a browser addon too

im not rlly as concerned abt macos since macos upgrades are free and all but windows 7/8 users shouldnt be thrown under the bus

i wonder how feasible writing a HEIF codec for earlier windows versions is
or a quick look plugin for macos

the other one i was using still hasnt reaccepted me either :[

it looks like while i was gone the relay i was using went down so thats not great

making another test post so i know this things working

Florence on Bleatbox

Single-user instance for using the fediverse. Runs Florence.